Monday 22 January 2018

Target set, and... GO!


The last time I wrote about running was back in 2014. I don't really remember why I didn't succeed in building up a good habit, but I didn't. I suspect I injured myself, got ill, was busy with work for a few weeks or just wasn't interested enough to keep it up. Basically I'm naturally lazy and any impediment to momentum results in attempts at bettering myself stalling.


Let's have another go.

In September last year, I felt fat. I was in danger of reaching 100kg which is, to me, a horrible psychological barrier. I looked in the mirror and felt grotesque. I had difficulty moving. My trousers felt tight. I struggled putting my socks on. Attempts at shifting mass had failed, largely because I felt so cumbersome and just plain heavy when I tried to jog anywhere.

Then, something changed. 4 months later, I still haven't worked out what the trigger was, but I literally woke up one Tuesday morning and thought:
'Right. I need to stop being fat. I can do this.'
Unusually, rather than just waiting for one last blowout weekend of gluttony, I just got up, weighed myself immediately and downloaded a calorie tracker app, MyFitnessPal. I know calorie tracking isn't always highly regarded but, for me, forcing myself to be honest and logging everything I eat or drink does shame me into making changes. I've used the app with good results in the past and learnt my core diet isn't actually that bad - it's the crisps and chocolate and beer and post-beer munchie food that gets me. The golden rule for not being fat?
Eat more of the good stuff, and less of the bad.
Anyway, 4 months later, I'm 10kg lighter and on Boxing Day finally got out for my first run in about 8 months. Despite lack of fitness, the reduction in the amount of lard I was carrying around made it seem far easier than the last time I tried.

I'm aiming to get down to 85kg, then 80kg and then work out whether or not I need to continue, as I'll be comfortably inside any recommended limits.

With over 10% of my weight shed, I'm off to a good start on the weight front. Next step, fitness. More on that next time...

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