Friday 1 August 2014

Microadventures ahoy

Why microadventure?

The term 'microadventure' has become a bit trendy in outdoorsy circles recently, created or at least popularised by the wonderfully unsnobby and inspirational Alistair Humphreys. The concept is simple: Grab a sleeping bag, some cheap basic kit and a bite to eat and head to the hills to spend a night under the stars before returning to real life the following morning; A '5-9' adventure.
As many people find, having a 2 year-old little girl brings many great moments, but often at the expense of time for long weekends away to the Peaks or Lakes, especially living in South London where it's 3-4 hours travel to most 'proper' walking areas.
Missing the opportunity to hike, climb and camp makes the microadventure an appealing alternative to full on camping.

My challenge

With this in mind, I decided to set myself a goal: one night in a bivvy bag each month for a year.

But isn't it going to be cold in the winter?

Er, yes. But I'm hoping that the sunrises on a crisp, clear frosty morning in January, the lush greenness of dewy spring mornings and telling how long until morning by the rotation of the stars will be more than reward. Not to mention the good humour and entertaining company of whoever else is brave enough to join me!

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